How To Secure Facebook Acoount

How To Secure Facebook Account

Facebook account is almost but still there is some methods by which we can hack Facebook account easily, One of the most secured site in world, Facebook which ranks in Top 10 security level.Facebook keep personal data private and never share with other Facebook have access of our mobile messages , storage , camera etc. But Facebook never share our personal data an keep them private.Today we will talk about how to secure our Facebook account and how to stay safe from hackers.


Strong Password

Always use strong password because we can easily find easy password such password some time people use their name , Birth date , username or common word that they use in daily life so people can guess such types of password and get unauthorized access to our account, So i recommended you to use strong password and never use a word which you used in daily Life

How to create a strong password

  • Must use 1 capital latter
  • Must use 1 letter word
  • Must use 1 symbol letter (!@#$%^&*)
  • Always use long password as you remember
  • Never use common words

By following these you can create a strong password and also you will be safe from brute force attack

2 Factor authenticating

We can secured our account using 2 Factor authenticating. when  2 Factor authenticating is enabled you will login to your account you will receive message from Facebook team with 6 digit code when you enter that code than you will be able to login other wise not possible

How to enable

  • Open setting and privacy in facebook
  • Now go to settings tab
  • Now click on Security an login
  • Now click on Use Two-factor authenticating
  • click on get started
  • Enter your password if required
  • You can also use your mobile or your SIM
  • Click On Text Messaage
  • use your number you will receive 6 digit code
  • enter the code and Done

Never Use common words

never use common words because people guess it and can easily get access o your account.Common words like your name , your birth date , your address , your nick name , or some thing like you use in daily life so people guest it and create a word list and get access of your account


what is phishing?

phishing is an attack in which we send a link to victim and convince them to login their account when he/she login to account their account we got all information.

how to secure account from phishing

  • Use 2 factor-authenticating
  • If your friend or stranger send you link never login their
  • always check site is that official site
  • never login in other site which look similar to Facebook but from other domain
  • Never reply to email which ask for password an email even if email come from Facebook team

DNS Spoofing

DNS spoofing is an attack in which we force to redirect a victim to another website.We can redirect a victim to any website by DNS we will redirect our victim to phishing page when he will search for Facebook and open site he will redirect automatic to phishing page

One of our most honorable friend Salman Arif Khan (Black Scorpion) also hacked by DNS hijacking Method.

How to safe?

  • Use 2 factor Authenticating

Key logger

key logger can be bind in app EXE file or file etc.key logger is virus which capture each and every word we type so if some one send app or file in which key logger is bind so if we login to our Facebook account so he can easily access to our Facebook account. key logger send our bank information to hacker

How to safe?

  • Use 2 factor authenticating
  • Never install app send by friend or stranger
  • always look for official site and download from their not from other site

Man in the Middle Attack

man-in-the-middle attack (MITM) is an attack where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties who believe they are directly communicating with each other, Now one question come into your mind that how Facebook can be hacked by Man in the middle attack , So here is steps

  • First we will will create a Fake Network you can also use lots of tools (WiFi phisher)
  • when victim connect to that network
  • you can route the network traffic to the fake Facebook login page

How to safe?

  • Never connect unencrypted wifi
  • If you have difficulties to connect your own WiFi scan for nearby WiFi if found same name network than some one is trying MITM on your nwteork
  •  Also if the router asks for password information for performing some kind of internet update, then it is likely that someone is trying to get access and steal your personal information.

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